About ChoiceHops

ChoiceHops is modern software for beer brewers. We provide simple to use tools to create and share recipes, manage the brewing process, and connect with fellow brewers.

Our Mission

We're not here to change the world, we just want to help you brew beer.

Simplify Brewing We want to simplify the brewing process by providing modern, easy-to-use software tools.

Aid Recipe Discovery We want to make it easy to discover high-quality beer recipes curated from fellow brewers.

Connect Brewers We want to help fellow brewers connect and share - whether it's their favorite recipes or brewing tips.

Educate We aim to provide materials that help educate brewers and who want to fine tune their craft.

Promote Brewing We want to encourage new folks to consider brewing and existing brewers to brew more.

Our Promise to Our Users

We value the trust you've placed in us. In return, we'd like to make the following promises to you:

Free Plan - Forever We will always have a free plan with a rich set of features.

We're Here to Stay This is a life long passion of ours and this product will forever be a priority.

Data Portability You own your brewing data. You're welcome to download it at any time and walk away.